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Available 3.23.21

A brand new Christian fantasy romance!!

Commander Caleb Desai, leader of the famed Warriors has three goals in life, to bring
God and rain back to the barren wasteland of Predaria, and to make the previous king’s
usurper and the man responsible for destroying his country pay. But when the new king
escapes his hands, Caleb is forced to take his daughter with him on his journey home
across the plains.
Dragging a pampered princess through the arid Plains of Predaria proves to be quite a
challenge, even for a man of Caleb’s patience. The woman doesn’t know of 
the dangers on the plains, of the Catchers, the fires, the baking sun. She’s foolish and spoiled, beautiful and innocent about God and His Son, and life without water. As she’s exposed to the dying world her father left in his wake, she lets Caleb teach her how to

Princess Willomenia Odarre thinks Caleb is a savage. But when he hands over all her possessions for water to give the people of his village, she discovers he is so much more than just a warrior. He’s a child of Yahweh, an expert trader, and a planter with noble
dreams of healing the land and bringing greenery and life back to Predaria. It isn't until she gives him her heart and suffers the true terrors her father has inflicted upon his own people, that Willow finds out Caleb is much more than he let on.

And she is more than she ever thought she could be.

CONTENT WARNING: Physical abuse.

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A brand new time-travel romance!

After receiving a dragon brooch from a distant great aunt, twenty-first century historian Kestrel Lancaster finds herself in fifteenth century England. Smack in the middle of a war. Like…in the middle of a blood and guts spewing, heads flying around her war. With six armored men riding toward her, bloody swords raised high in the air, horrified looks on their faces, there isn’t time to think. Only to scream. But as if out of a dream, a dark knight rides into the fray and saves her from them all. When she realizes where and when she is, she doesn’t know whether to thank him for keeping her alive or curse him for it.



Sir Nicholas de Marre has seen many things in his years as military commander for the House of York, but he has never seen a woman appear right before his eyes—and in the middle of the battlefield. Without thinking, he kills the Lancaster bastards closing in on her. Thankfully for her he is able to fight with her deafening screams behind him. He saves her from certain death, not knowing if she is mad, or he is, and carries her to safety.

That’s his first mistake. The second is showing her mercy when he finds out she’s a Lancaster. But this odd woman who takes pictures with imaginary phones and teaches Cook to make cupcakes is easy to fall for, and before long, the heart of York’s champion is captured by a Lancaster.


England’s throne is about to change. The House of Tudor will reign, and the War of the Roses will finally be won with the intimacy of a kiss, the tenderness in a touch, and love that will echo through time.

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Forbidden Heart

Book 6 in the Hearts of the Highlands series!

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Galeren MacPherson never met a lass who wasn’t willing to offer herself up to him. But he doesn’t want that life. In fact, he swore a soon to end six-year vow of chastity to help him dedicate his life to one thing. Battle.
As captain of John Stewart, High Steward of Scotland’s army, Galeren is the only man trusted to
bring the high steward’s niece to Scotland. The last thing Galeren wants to be is an escort to a
novice from a nunnery. Especially when he sees her in the early morning dawn weeping on the

Throughout his life he has felt the urge to flee from things, on the field and off. But he never fled. He conquered the urge and faced whatever it was, head on.

But he never faced a force like the one placed in his path.

Novice Silene Sparrow is on her way to Scotland, where she will speak to the church council on her uncle’s behalf so that one day he may gain their support, being next in line for the throne.
Raised in the priory and groomed to give her life to the Lord, she rarely leaves the church’s land in Bamburgh, so she is unprepared for her rough and rowdy Highland escorts. Their leader is a
tall, broad, golden warrior who vows to protect her, and does. He is a savage and she does everything to resist him. But how does one resist a man with a kitten cuddled in the crook of his neck? No matter what he has trained to be, he is patient and gentle with her. He begins to get into her blood, her bones. When he kisses her, slowly, passionately, eager for more, he makes her question her future vows.

But Silene’s heart is forbidden. If she lets Captain MacPherson have it, her uncle will lose the church’s support and they likely won’t live a day before he has them hunted down and possibly

How much will Galeren and Silene risk for love?

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Tempest Heart

Book 5 in the Hearts of the Highlands series!

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Tristan MacPherson is a killer for hire. He is elemental, primal, savage, and determined to uphold his reputation that if he agrees to kill a man, the man will surely die. He has seen so much death both on the field and off that he has grown detached to its effects.  Until he finds a lass on the brink of death, about to be set aflame as one infected with the terrible sickness, and his heart begins to beat again.


After losing six years of her life protected from a fire-breathing madman outside the walls of her father’s castle, Lady Rose Callanach is allowed the freedom to spend the winter with her cousin. When she is infected with the plague on the way and left in a village to die, she is saved by a beautiful masked man. A man infamous for showing no mercy, and yet, it is the very first thing he gives her. She will never forget it. She will forgive him anything because of it.


But can she forgive him when she learns that he has been hired to kill her father?


And can Tristan save her when the fiery monster finally returns for her and sets her world up in flames? 

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Heart of Thanks Christmas short

Previously released in the STARS ARE BRIGHTLY SHINING BUNDLE.

‘Tis the season of miracles, and when Elysande MacPherson begins falling in love with the son of her father's worst enemy, she's going to need one. A very big one. 


Lion Heart

Available Now!

Book 4 in the Hearts of the Highlands series!

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Tears are water for her roots and will make her stronger, not weaker.

Elias MacPherson, a warrior suffering the consequences of war falls in love with the compassionate heart and warm smiles of a lass who is a healing balm for his troubled soul. But she is a lass he can never have.

Lily Bennett is a forbidden woman who will not budge in her loyalty, though her heart is being swept away by the handsome Highlander who has come to save her world and make her laugh again.

The Black Death, a force like nothing the earth has ever known, will bring them together and make them face their greatest fears.

Will they find themselves in the light that the other shines in the darkness? Or will an enemy, even more resilient than the plague, destroy them both?

My Drakkon have sexy new covers!

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Book 9 Highland Heirs

Highlander Ever After

Highlander Ever After (1).jpg

Book 9 of the Highland Heirs Series!

                   End of series!

They tried to resist a marriage of convenience . . .
As the clan chief's son, Adam MacGregor is duty-bound to marry a royal heir. Yet when he meets his bride---a beautiful but haughty young lass who thinks he is nothing more than a common savage---he realizes she's more than he bargained for. But the more Adam gets to know his new wife, the more intent he is on proving her wrong about him.

But can they resist each other?
Sina de Arenberg wants nothing to do with the unsavory MacGregors, especially the fierce Highlander she now calls husband. But the more time she spends with the man she married, the more she sees his honor and courage. Just when she thinks there might be a future for her and Adam, Sina is called back to court. England isn't the place she remembers, though, and soon she'll be forced to choose between the life she once knew, and the Highlander who has captured her heart.

Recent News

2.28.21 I'm branching out! I'll be writing time-travel romance and also speculative Christian romance

Look for my brand new Echoes In Time series and a little in a few short months, my Christian romance, The Harvest King. i promise it's not like what you've red before in Christin romance!

Listen to my Hearts of the Highlands series on Audio!


2.16.20 Read Chapter One of Lion Heart here!




10.1.19 Whew, another bundle, darlings. Ten of your favorite Dragonblade authors in one place! This bundle features BRAND NEW STORIES. I've included HEART OF THANKS, a very short novella starring Elysande MacPherson, daughter of Cain and Aleysiafrom Heart of Ashes. Preorder Now!



Another wonderful bundle is available for your Highland reading pleasure! HIGHLAND HEARTBREAKERS is avaialable now. HEART OF ASHES is featured in this one, along with 4 more fantastic tales from Anna Markland, Caroline Lee, Victoria Vane, and Violetta Rand!


9.1.19  Up for PreOrder ! I have a new Christmas bundle ONCE UPON A CHRISTMAS PAST with the amazing Brenda, Jernigan, Regan Walker, and Catherine Kean! We know you'll love this one while you relax on a cool autumn night. Just you and some sexy heroes to warm your cockles and keep your cocoa hot.

8.29.19 HEART OF STONE, book THREE in my Hearts of the Highlands series is live! Reviews are fantastic!


7.12.19 A HIGHLANDER FOR CHRISTMAS gets a brand new look!


7.10.19 THE SCOT'S BRIDE  will be on sale for 1 day only!! Get your copy for just $1.99!


6.1.19 For the month of June LAIRD O OF THE BLACK ISLE  will be on sale for $2.99!


6.15.19 I'm off to Scotland!! This is my first time visiting but I feel like I'm going home. It's also the first time I've been on a plane!


5.1.19 HEART OF SHADOWS is an Amazon Bestseller!! Reviews are wonderful! Yay!


4.1.19 HEART OF SHADOWS book 2 is live! I loved writing Torin and Braya's story! I hope you lov them too!


1.28.19 HEART OF ASHES continues to climb Amazon Kindle charts! It's the #1 New Release in Scot. Hist. Rom. and #5 in Scot. Hist. Rom.! It has also been named as a Book Pick at The Captivating Quill!


1.26.19 People are loving HEART OF ASHES! #9 in Scottish Historical Romance on Amazon! First 31 reviews are all 5 Stars!


1.14.19 Surprise early release (even for me) of Book 1 in my brand new Hearts of the Highlands series, HEART OF ASHES!!! So nervous and excited about this one, folks!


12.30.18 HIGHLANDER EVER AFTER is getting some seriously great reviews! Check them out on HEA's page.


12.25.18 Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! My amazing sister is taking me to Skye in June!!!


12.18.18 Last book in the beloved MacGregor series, HIGHLANDER EVER AFTER hits the shelves!



Wonderful News! LAIRD OF THE BLACK ISLE has been picked as one of Books For Her's Best Books of 2018!


Wonderful news! I've signed a three book deal with Dragonblade Publishings for a brand new Scottish Historical romance series, HEARTS OF THE HIGHLANDS! Book One, HEART OF ASHES is coming in November!



LAIRD OF THE BLACK ISLE gets 5 Stars from Flippin Pages!



LAIRD OF THE BLACK ISLE gets 5 Stars from The Romance Dish!






Exciting news! EMBER, book 2 in my Rulers of the Sky series has been nominated for RONE award from Ind'tale Magazine!



Early reviews are coming in for LAIRD OF THE BLACK ISLE and they are wonderful! Check them out of the bookshelf page for LAIRD.


My Dragon-shifter series, RULERS OF THE SKY wins 2nd place for Best Paranormal series from The Paranormal Romance Guild!


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